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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 16, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> that the tasha, ukee, 32 year old man is dead here in homes circle exception of philadelphia, this morning, police say he was shot and killed, after he entered through a second story window, into an apartment behind me, here, at this complex. now, police say, his girlfriend lived inside. >> the 20 year olds female who was resident of the apartment, the 41 year old male, who is the father of the female were both in separate bedrooms in the apartment and have both been transported to northeast detectives, as witnesses. >> reporter: and that was chief inspector scott small, with the philadelphia police department, let's recap what happened. deadly shooting happened before midnight at the home
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circle amounts, on the 2700 block of axe factory road, police say, the victim shot after he climbed through second floor rear bedroom apartment window, shot, they say, by 41 year old man who lives here. well, it turns out, that 41 year old shares this apartment, with his 20 year old daughter as i mentioned, and police say the victim was her boyfriends, that victim confronted by the woman's father in a second floor bedroom. application say possibly an industrial, when the vick tell was shot in the headment taken to torresdale hospital, where he later died. now, police say, the initial report for this incident came in as a home intruder, the 41 year old father called 911, but again, police say, that this victim was the boyfriend of the 20 year old woman who lives her with her father. there at the police station being questioned right now as witnesses cents, we're told they're both cooperative with police. i was able to speak with the victim's mother, not too long ago, and she says in no way should he be considered an intruder, because he was invited here, he was seeing
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this 20 year old woman, and he was in no way a threat to her. reporting live, in the home section, home circle section of philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". january, thank you. also, more breaking news from philadelphia's kensington section where a 24 year old woman is fighting for her life, after early morning shooting. police say two men fired at least ten shots at the woman. who was sitting on front steps of home along 3400 block of braddock street. hit multiple times, currently in critical condition. live picture, another atlantic city shuts its doors for doors. luck has run out for trump plaza signs that that they put up on the doors say it all, casino closed for good two hours ago at 6:00 a.m. that send another 1100 casino workers to the unemployment line, including many who worked therefore decades. good people. i had good run here. it was nice. a lot of good times.
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keeping in touching with everybody. so we'll be okay, i'll be all right. >> never thought this would come to there is you know? i feel bad for the people, so many people out of work, you know? >> trump plaza hotel will shut down later today and trump taj mahal is scheduled to close in november. >> new this morning, rest didn't awake ends when suv slams into their apartment building, in the olney section of philadelphia. the suv rounded the corner at second and champ plows shortly after midnight, hitting a corner store, with apartments right above it. four people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. 8:03, time for check on traffic and weather together. good morning, katie. hey there. >> yes, hey, natasha, good morning, everybody, you can see i've gotten rid of the umbrella now thankfully as we are standing on obvious will the the skydeck here at the center city studios.
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thankfully won't need the umbrella all day today, rather more than nuisance issue in the morning, starting to clear on out. go ahead, quick peak here at storm scan3, show you what's bank happening at the wider zoom, bulk of precipitation has really been falling up across new england. however, here at the local level. , came through scattered, sliver rounds every showers, steadier at times. depending when you left the house, or when you plan to leave the house later this morning, you may have already ended up with the need for the umbrella, but at this point, there is a very discontinuing back edge. and what a great example of it out here in the live neighborhood network. >> sunlight clearly peaking through the clouds, this is a sign of things to come for everybody else. if you are still stuck in the clouds right now, which most people are, or even still stuck with the rain, give it time. it will get nicer with every passing hour as soon as the clouds break, sun will do its part to help warm things back up mid 70s, not just at the shore, but also here in
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philadelphia, up in the poconos, it always tends to be little cooler and certainly that will be the norm for us yet again today. six an at best for that high. but, we will take it. really for the next couple of days, what we just had roll through, that's all we got in terms of precipitation. vittoria? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, traveling right now 422, it is a squeeze, just like you'll find delays on 95, the schuylkill expressway, and everywhere else really that you would find rush hour traffic. eastbound trooper road, slow out of the royersford area all the way down toward 202. as we move now over toward the ben franklin bridge, i just saw something, took this shot, ton of rush hour traffic, but this is how quickly traffic can change. looks like an accident taking out the center lane westbound on the ben, right as you make your way through the tolls, trying to get toward the mid-span. so, this is going to cause some major problems, for 676 commute earnings, admiral wilson boulevard, so give yourself more time. you notice this seems to be three vehicle crash unless that looks like police car. little bit difficult to see
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without them zooming in. but that will definitely add to the delays that you're already dealing with on the ben, because the westbound side right lane is blocked because of construction. let's move over for mass transit for a second, amtrak still temporarily suspended. between washington and philadelphia, they're having some overhead wire problems. also, burlington bristol, has been stopped for an opening, so, be mindful of that in that area. moving our way now into chester county, route 401, fin i rode an accident. definitely try to avoid that area if you k and as we take a look at the speed censors, majors to avoid. sixteen on 95, six on the schuylkill, 15, 476. very, very, very busy day, natasha? >> thank you very much. well, 15 year old girl found in a wooded area in northeast philadelphia is in the hospital this morning. now, police are trying to determine if she may have been sexually assaulted. a passerby found the girl unconscious, lying near the guardrail, along the 7600 block of of the boulevard. police say she was weighing her school uniform. and had visible bruises on the
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back of her legs and head wounds. thirteen year old in stable condition, after being shot twice in the stomach. it happened last night near marvine street and erie avenue in the city's hunting park section. police say 16 year old, believed to be the shooter, is in custody. police say he did remain at that scene, and they're still not sure if the shooting was accidental. no word on any charges just yet. and, philadelphia police meantime continuing their search for suspect who shot a man inside a juniata bar. it happened about 10:00 last night, at family tavern, on the 1100 block of east luzerne street. police say the 28 year old victim was shot multiple times, in the face and chest, and later died at the hospital. right now detectives are reviewing surveillance video from inside the bar. >> braking news from afghanistan. three nato troops have died, another five were hurt in a car bombing in afghanistan.
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bomber drove into convoy just down the road from the us embassy and detonated. at least 13 other people were hurt. we're told the taliban has claimed responsibility. united states continues to build coalition every nations willing to join the fight against isis in iraq and syria. president obama will meet today with retired marine general john allen, he retired last year, but is being called back into service to lead coalition against the millitant group. the meeting comes on the heals. us launching an air strike just southwest of baghdad. meanwhile, second of state, john kerrey, will be in paris today, attending conference of world leaders, where he will be pressing for a global strategy to fight isis. well, time is running out for nfl star ray rice to appeal his suspension for punching his future wife in a atlantic city casino elevator. the nfl players union has until midnight tonight to file an appeal. the union says the league is punishing rice twice for the same offense.
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commissioner roger goodel initially suspended rice for two games, before this shocking video from inside the elevator was released. showing the vicious attack. minnesota viking running back adrian peterson will be back on the field this sunday, just days after he was charged with child abuse. peterson is accused every spanking his four year old son, with a tree branch, small switch, they call it, meantime our sister station in houston reports peterson was also accused of abuse ago different four year old son last year. leaving a scar on his eye. he allegedly texted the boy's mother saying he hit his head-on the carseat. peterson's lawyer called those injuries accidental. no charges were filed. well, after two games, the nnl cardiac kids come back from another deficit to win again and move to two and zero on the young football season there is time it was the last second of the game. leslie van arsdale has a look back at last night's thrilling win. >> eagles taking on the colts in hostile territory depleted
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o line the birds have not won in inch i in more than 20 years. chip kelly and the birds dug themselves out of another first hal hope trailing, and came out firing on all cylinders in the second. birds trailing, shady mccoy punches it in for his 50th career touchdown, they trail by seven. darren sproles, the smallest man on the field, come up big, gash g the colts defense. he had 178 yards, the game tide. colts regain the lead, eagles respond, nick foles finding maclin, across the middle. that will tie up the game again. thirty-second left. codey parke chance to beat his former team, the 36-yard field goal is good. the eagles go two and zero on the season, 30-27 the final. >> treat it like any other kick. i missed one earlier in the team, my team needed me, i had tomorrow cock ban ' ream die moo self. >> battle with the redskins, leslie van arsdale, we send it back to the desk.
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>> eagles fans are happy about the come back win. caught up with couple of fans who think the eagles have to stop falling behind. >> almost had a heart attack the way they play. it is, you you know, it is vinte eagles but win is a win. >> a lot of work to do on defense, once they get the defense done, they'll be good. >> next up for the eagles, banged up washington redskins team will come to town, we'll update their injury situation, in our next half hour. goodwyn last night. good, good, goodwyn. >> pretty good. >> two around zero. >> nearly dozen wild fires meantime they are raging across the state of california right snow. >> coming up next this morning, some stunning new video, huge blaze burning out of control. we'll have this store. >> i it is a safety precaution that can save a child's life in a car crash. but many parents aren't doing it. i'm jericka duncan in new york, i'll explain coming up. >> and katie, some wet weather out there this morning, at least for some folks. >> definitely. sort of came through in shifts, western suburbs saw it
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first, now it is all the way out in eastern new jersey, so your location is very much dependent on what the rest of the day that is store for you at this point. we'll explain, we'll track this for you, also talk about the rest of the week, it is all coming up. ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. you say avocado
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>> stunning new video, wild fire, strong winds fueling these huge flames, near the town of weed, that's near oregon's boards err, right now, there are 11 major wild fires burning across california, and as wendy gillette reports, this year's fire season has been specially bad in the state. >> building burn, anxious residents stood nearby. >> the fire destroyed or damaged at least 100 structures, in the small town near the oregon border, in the cascade mountains. >> there is nothing left.
8:15 am
my lawn's all burned up. all that's left there is bricks, completely gone. >> just came so quick. >> the fire storm. just the win just took it so quick. >> fire officials are warning the 1500 people under evacuation orders. >> moving quickly fueled by high wind, in sutter county, california, burning trees from a brush fire, that started monday night, created a erie orange glow, firefighters contained the blaze, to a walnut orchard. >> it was huge smoke. we were like let's track it down. >> dry conditions, high heat, helped spread another fire in oak hurst, did a l call. >> house is gone. >> probably 20, 25 houses went down. >> shows 1,000 more wild fires has burned in california this year, compared to average season, and it is not over
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yet. an usual fire season ends in november. wendy gillette, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". let's get our traffic and weather together. right now, here's kate. >> i really here on the eastern coastline here, ukee, really just dealing with at this point very speedy retreat of a frontal boundary, that led to some localized pockets of very steady rain this morning, but if you have since seen the sun start to sort of break through the cloud cover, you're done with this, now, obviously still left over wet weather. looking at three hour loop by the way. the fact it starts all the way back in central pa, and all the way out here in eastern new jersey, now, means it is sipping right along. wrapping up the unofficial morning commute about 9:00 a.m., worse is done. and we're only going to clue up with time here, morning showers will continue to just pull out to sea, we clear out, ends up with nice afternoon, tomorrow looks awesome, real nice day, little cool at the onset, but this is the time of year you start it notice that kind of thing. meanwhile another frontal boundery septembers on through
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by thursday, especially into friday. i think generally moisture starved. we would love to welcome dempsey, but of course rooting for the union, big game tonight, first championship since 2008. good luck and beautiful weather for it, lovely night to be out in chester, 67 degrees, under generally clear sky. over time here, mid 70s, still the norm for us here. it is really just this early morning hiccup that we had to sort of get over before we ends one real nice days here, mid week just overall very nice. >> seeing sunshine on the commute. good idea to put the advise or down or shades on. if you are traveling right now 476 southbound approaching the area of route one in a squeeze real fry saint david's all the way down through to route one, definitely speed censors dropping, same thing traveling on the northbound side between the area of 95, and then
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making your way out beyond route one, another slow down, you also have some volume around the mid-county toll plaza speaking of volume now to the schuylkill expressway traveling on 76 westbound and eastbound, you're just jammed, no matter how you cut it, around your western suburbs, downtown philadelphia, you'll find a few moments of a break, but they are very, very short. if you are traveling amtrak, we are still dealing with the suspension of service between washington and philadelphia. we will definitely let you know when it does resume. we take a look at the speed censors, 16 on 95, high volume into downtown philadelphia. look at the southbound side of the boulevard, at seven when you get there, 18 on 476, big delays on the westbound side of the pa turnpike out of the area of bensalem, down through to ft. washington. also dealing with eastbound delays on 422 headed to 202. as we take a look into delaware, also, big time accident at route 273 and route one. and we will leave with you new jersey, traveling new jersey northbound 42 seeing delays 55 northbound leading to the 42,
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also delays, and some volume going to and from the 42 on 295. ukee? >> tour, thank you. new research out this morning finds most par don't not know the proper height a child should be without riding with a booster. >> the safety precaution could save their life. cbs news correspondent jericka duncan has more. >> booster seats can save a child's life during a crash, but new survey finds most parents stop using the seats too soon. >> nine in ten parents admitted to us that, in fact, they move their child before they were ready. >> they say they didn't know. >> booster seat will position the lap and shoulder belt so the lap belt flies flat across the upper thighs, and the old firmly in the souler. >> when under sized child is allowed to ride without a
8:20 am
booster seat, the seatbelt itself can actually hurt them in a crash. >> because of the child isn't tall enough, the lap belt will be on their abdomen, and the shoulder bet could hit their neck or their face. and, if there was a crash, then that child could have very severe abdominal injuries, neck injuries, even face laceration. >> many parent admit not using booster seats because it is inconvenient during short rides or in carpools. but, safety experts say, they need to be used during every ride. in new york, jericka duncan, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". well, they were raising their hands to hail a cab when one guy comes along just trying to spread a little bit of cheer. the video that's going viral now. that's coming up. >> but first, here's a look at what's coming un tonight during evening prime time viewing rid here on the "cw philly".
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>> ♪ >> might need that umbrella overhead today, some light showers out there. >> but don't hide too long. >> i know, i think the sun will come out soon. do you know what? let me wait until katie tells you that. >> i don't want to give wrong information. leave it to the pros over there? >> leave it. >> i heard that. >> meteorologist of the morning. >> everybody knows it is important to give people their space, especially in metropolis like new york sit. >> i oh, got to have your space. but one man has decided to invade people's space with
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joyful high five. and he's caught on camera, this guy burst withing energy, and ready to say hey to everybody he consideration anyone hailing attacks i was fair game on the streets of manhattan. there is cents no id on our high fiveer. but good to see he's so happy. >> he snatched it away right there. wait a minute. this is new york. what what? >> i'm not sure it is being received well boy everyone. received well boy everyone. but at least he is ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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>> a 15 year old girl found in the woods along roosevelt boulevard, is in the hospital this morning. a passerby fawn the girl unconscious, near the guardrail along the boulevard near cottman avenue. police say she was wearing her school uniform, and had visible bruises on her back of her legs and a head wound. >> detective are looking into the possibility she was sexually assaulted government morning,. >> good morning, overall things starting to quiet down for our area, as we have been tracking these pockets of steady rain. >> we were watching wet weather roll on through, and here is storm scan3, the latest snapshot at the radar, sweep made on number of
8:26 am
different local observation sides where we have doppler radar. meanwhile we are again still dealing with some rain, mainly new jersey issue at this point, starting to seymour sun than anything, that's the general expectation, as the day progresses only gets nicer err and nicer, some pretty pleasant sleeping weather as we head into tonight. we still expect sunshine, it is cooler on friday. vittoria? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, traveling on 95, you're going to want to special the usual, big old delay, traveling southbound out of northeast philadelphia, far northeast philadelphia, academy, down through the vine st. vest way. >> approaching commodore barry, 476, ben franklin bridge also slow go because every construction blocking right hand lane. watch out for the rush hour delays all over the map. in keep in mind amtrak still
8:27 am
suspended between washington and philadelphia due to overhead wire problems. ukee? >> torrey, thank you, next update at 8: 55, up next on cbs this morning, the co-founder of pay pal on e commerce, as we know it.
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make it progresso or make it yourself. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> storm scan3 showing little bit of activity there, katie will be right along with your forecast, and in just a couple of minutes to explain what's happening. >> how about traffic? looking at 422, over at oaks, jam packed.
8:30 am
looking like a parking lot. torsi in the house. >> yes, she will do -- we will ' get traffic and weather together, as always in just a few moments. boy would i hate to be stuck. >> i know that's right. more on breaking news from home circle neighborhood. deadly shoot something under investigation this morning. all make have been a business case of mistaken identity. jan carabeo picks up the scene live from the scene, good morning, january. >> thirty-two year old man dead here in the home circle section of philadelphia, police say shot to death, after he made his way through a window no a second story apartment here at this apartment complex, now, police say, he may have been visiting his girlfriends. that girlfriend, however, also lives with her father, and that is who police say pulled the trigger. >> philadelphia police called to the home circle
8:31 am
neighborhood, and initial report of home intruder, but was what happened here a big misunderstood g? that's what detectives are trying to sort out. >> they found 32 year old male victim in the bedroom, of a second floor apartment, he was suffering from a single gunshot wound to the head. >> police say that 32 year old climbed into the second floor apartment through a rear bedroom window, he was confronted by a 41 year old man who lives here, police say, there was possibly a struggle and that's when the 32 year old was shot in the head, taken to the hospital where he later died. turns out the victim's 20 year old girlfriend lives in the apartment with her father, police say, she was in a different bedroom. after the shooting her father called 911. so the 20 year old female, who was a resident of the apartment, the 41 year old male who is the father of the female, both transported as witnesses cents. now, we're told, both father and daughter have been
8:32 am
cooperating with police, at this point, this morning, no word of any charges, in the meantime, i was able to speak with this victim's mother, this 32 year old victim's mother, who says her son new this 20 year old woman was seeing her was invited here and was cents in no way an intruder. we'll keep you up-to-date on the story. for now live in home circle, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> more breaking news as well this morning, woman remains hospitalized in critical condition. >> police say two men fired ten shots, at the 24 year old victim, while she sat outside with friends. they were not hurt. still no word on with a sparked this gunfire. >> ac casino has folded its last hands today, doors shut for good about two hours ago. more than thousand employees are now on the unemployment line. let's look inside, as well, just before those doors
8:33 am
shut. as you can see, gamblers did not bother to press their luck on the last day of business. the plaza is the fourth atlantic city casino to close its doors this year, the atlantic club, showboat, revel, already went out of business and in november the trump taj mahal will also close. >> murder of pregnant woman in frankford, her baby delivered by c-section, also died. megan doto was eight months pregnant, gunman's bullet struck her in the face sunday morning, along the 1500 block of adams avenue. police say doto was not the intended target. she leaves behind a six and four year old child. >> $75,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to after he is of who ever gunned down two pennsylvania state troopers over the weaken, corn rat brian dixon was leaving the blooming grove barracks late friday, when he was killed. douglas hit by the bullets as well as this rival, cents as
8:34 am
he arrived for his shift. he remains hospitalized. >> it was an act every cowardess, it was an act of murder and is being treated as such. if there is any tie to any domestic threat group, that will certainly and part of the investigation, and would pack tore into the charges that are eventually filed. >> corporate dixon leaves behind his wife of two years and two young sons, the viewing will be held at the rotunda at merry wood university in scranton wednesday and burried with full military honors at service at saint peters cathedral on thursday. checking on the forecast, traffic and weather together, good morning, kate. >> i good morning, everybody, today will actually end up being overall real nice day. now, i know many of you may have been woken up by not just raindrops, but full on downpour, tapping on your window here this morning, but it is all courtesy of a frontal boundary that has some serious legs, it is moving quickly. so, we're looking at three hour loop. the bulk of this came and
8:35 am
went, since we've been on the air, so we actually started off at 4:30 on sister station cbs-3. see the back and edge, will not and all day event. what the extra cloud cover, wet weather has meant, little more of surround plows on the thermometer than what we saw yesterday. temperatures right now, are anywhere from ten to 15 degrees warmer anywhere from dover, across the delaware bay toward atlantic city from where they were this same time yesterday. no better representation of what happened this morning, and what we've currently got underway and what the rest of us will see then a place like whitfield elementary school. you can see the puddles out there on the pavement. but the sun obviously shining, eyewitness day plan letter continue to clear with time. if you don't see the sunshine, by lunchtime all going to see a nice afternoon. >> thank you, good morning, everyone, traveling on 95, a few different areas, liking first at the delaware county, 95 north board, big old delay, if you are headed out of delaware making your way into
8:36 am
pa it will be slow, not only going to be slow here on 95 but traveling southbound out of northeast philadelphia down through the vine st. expressway. slow go 42, coming around the area of 29, sore of where it starts, approaching this point, then making your way down 202 delayed, headed westbound direction. we do have problems on almost all of the majors, eight your average on the schuylkill expressway, watch out for big pocket of traffic right at city avenue. sixteen on 95, 14 on the blue route. take look you have little bit of traffic here on the westbound side of the pa turnpike between willow grove and making your way down through to the area of ft. washington. if you are traveling amtrak, it is temporarily suspended all balls of overhead wire problems. >> we will let you know when does go back to normal. 541 an accident, no major problems at the airport, ukee? >> torrey, thank you. sounds like rerun, but it is okay. eagles fall behind, but come back to win in thrilling
8:37 am
fashion. another wild eagles game, one player making impact for the eagles is darren sproles. 51-yard catch and run helped the eagles tie the football game. not long after that would win it for the eagles, nice blocking, kick is up and good. final 30 to 27 birds. nick foles like what darren sproles bridges to this football team. >> play video game, ya. >> 's talented guy, very, very talented. what i love most about him, great teammate. guys love him. he is great in the lockerroom. a guy you can depend on. he's been a great addition to our team. >> sproles was obtained in the trade with new orleans saints in the off season. he probably felt little dissed when the saints let him going, so playing with little chip on his shoulder you might man this siege on, we hike like that. next up washington at lincoln
8:38 am
financial field sunday afternoon. when washington shows up they might not have desean jackson with the team. desean says he wants to play, but his left shoulder injury could side line him for the game. he had this hit last week, and walk off the field. coach jay gruden says if he can play with the pain, he will be on the field. washington, definitely will not have starting for them at quarterback robert griffin the three. rgiii dislocated his ankle on this play. not clear if he could come back at all and place this season. meantime they have a capable back up. kurt cows inches has some game. role start against the eagles. >> officials at kent state university they are calling out urban outfitters for a sweatshirt saying it is offensive, in poor taste, and don't like t the company briefly had this sweatshirt up for sale, appears to be covered in blood stains. the kent state community accuse the retailer of trying to profit on the horrific shooting that happened during on-campus protests back in
8:39 am
1970. >> rude, offensive. >> this isn't cool. this is not a sign of. >> now removed the wet shirt from the company's website and apologized saying they never meant to allude to the shooting. a cigarette tax would help philadelphia's cash strapped schools. protesters will gather this afternoon, in the east wing rotunda of the state capitol building. supporters say the vote is critical to preventing further education cuts, because money from the tax will go to the city's school system. >> dangerous respiratory virus spreading across the country report in the two more states, health officials in indianna and montana say they now have confirmed cases of enterovirus d68. four indianna children were recently sickens, but have since recovered.
8:40 am
and a child under ten was diagnosed in montana. so far the cdc has confirm more than 100 cases cents of this virus in ten states, but none in the tri-state area. next. next store coy help you chooses which what milk is better for you, 2%, skin? they found eating high fat dairy may actually lower the risk of type two diabetes, by 23%. they tracked 12,000 women over 14 years, but don't run out just yet to raid the dairy aisle. researchers say there are significant differences, between the average american and european diet. >> also on the hell watch, new guidelines for common health issue that many women don't want to talk about. not even to their doctors. >> well, "3 on your side" health reporter stephanie stahl explains. >> shelly sufferings from urinary incontinence. >> seems most every us hit middle age, all the sudden it is just terrible. >> a common problem, more than half of women between the age
8:41 am
of 40 to 60 and throw quarters of women 75 and older, have trouble controlling their bladder. now the american college of physicians cents has new recommendations cents to treat the problem, without surgery. >> exercises which strengthen the muscles, loss of weight, and doing bladder training, retraining the bladder to hold more urine, so you don't have to go very frequently. >> doctors say, medication may be recommended for some women. among the causes, age, childbirth, and obesity, can play a role. affecting pelvic muscles. >> keeping it strong is the best way to control it. >> does exercises three times a day and helping. >> a fact of life it seems, but it doesn't have to be. >> experts say women need to speak up to their doctors to make sure they get the right treatment. i'm stephanie stahl.
8:42 am
cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and your time now 8:41, well, steve jobs, anti-tech? >> coming up next on the "cw philly" why he wouldn't let his own kids play on ipads. >> and life or death surgery on a goldfish. it may sound little fishy. but we'll have the story after pet who is now as good as gold. you might say. >> ♪ >> good morning, family, back in ain >> good morning, family, back progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself.
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this might surprise you, apple founder steve jobs would not let his own children play with computer. >> it seems some of the silicon valley parents agree.
8:45 am
ann wilson said she wants to keep her children away from screens until at least middle school. and another says she and her husband actively hide their gadgets from their caughter. >> great for adults to a point. but i think it is good to have a natural childhood. so hard now to have a natural child hood, get them out and play. >> child development specialists say, for most families, technology isn't a bad thing, but it should limited to help raise more well-rounded children. >> who would have thought the limb kid in the crib has the iphone. >> probably need to keep the sticky finger situation under control. >> exactly. >> oh, ya. >> let's take a look what's going on, not too much, left over at this point. >> clouds specially through new jersey but vest discontinuing back edge to there is all part of a larger
8:46 am
funnel boundary, bulk of the precipitation still falling right now. >> dealt glancing glow blow, also tracking hurricane, out in the atlantic, edward formed couple of days ago, still category two hurricane, mans sustained winds speeds 110 miles per hour, still moving to the north-northwest. however, we fully expect that it is going to be steered to recur of away, not just, but the entire north american coastline, great news expected to gain strength before it starts to weaken in cooler waters. that said, still news weather story but still pretty low with numbers so far this year. in terms of the atlantic hurricane season, just passed the peak of where we start to see the activity get underway. 64 degrees the current temperature at the airport, skies are starting to clear some of you already in full sunshine at the shore, still stuck in the clouds and still stuck with little bit of wet
8:47 am
weather but give it time. trust me on it, it will be nice afternoon. tonight looking beautiful, off to cool start in the morning. >> if you are traveling on any of our majors, 95, the schuylkill, the vine, 476, you're going to find the usual this morning, so definitely fill up at the pump before you head out. traveling on 95 northbound, this area here, approaching 322, definitely feeling still the heat of rush hour. >> not just this area, but making your way out of northeast philadelphia, speed censors drops down to 16 miles per hour, the delay starts approaching academy, and continues to slow down through the vine st. vest way northbound slow down through construction zones, girard avenue and cottman avenue. look at this red trifecta of volume. traveling southbound side every route one approaching the westbound side of the schuylkill, jammed there, jammed if you are headed into eastbound direction, as well, all-in-all not great. eight your average and 76, 14
8:48 am
average, 476, traveling on the pa turnpike week, expect delays out of willow grove >> for amtrak between service between washington and philadelphia, still, temporarily suspended due to overhead wire problems. and, in new jersey, 295 southbound, right at route 541, still an accident there, also cents an accident in delaware, blocking right lane 273, at route one, no major delays however at the airport. ukee? >> thank you, who satisfy look at today's headlines on the "cw philly". police in northeast philadelphia say a homeowner shot and killed a 32 year old man, he caught climbing into the window of his apartment. turns out the victim was the boyfriend of the man's 20 year old daughter. >> and more breaking news this morning. from kensington, where 24 year old woman was shot several times in the stomach, the woman in critical condition, at the hospital. trumptrump plaza closed for goo, fourth casino to close this year. another the trump taj mahal expected to close this
8:49 am
november. australian goldfish suffering from giant tumor-his head looking to swim another day. >> all thanks to help from skilled veterinarian, and lots of anesthetic laced water. >> why did he die, dad, come on, what, why did he die? who gives a shit? that's the reason. >> but the owner of george the goldfish did give a blank. cared so much they paid for george to have surgery, to remove this giant tumor from his head. >> the lord smith animal hospital, in melbourn, australia, performed the surgery, and it took about 45
8:50 am
minutes, first put in a bucket every water layed when anesthetic, then moran stealth i can and water with trickled on the goldfish's gills to keep him sedated as the tumor was removed. >> either operator put the goldfish to sleep, and they considered the ten year old fish a family pet. >> the vet says the tiny stitches, didn't really take. >> so he had to seal him up with tissue glue. so how much was the bill for goldfish surgery? cup epp of hundred bucks. of course if the decision to operate had been left up to george. >> stop this right now. >> is he saying anything? >> george should be saying, that, even age ten, could live another 20 plus years, but folks do not try this at home. and unless you want to practice on the kind of
8:51 am
goldfish that feed you, instead of you feeding them >> i love little goldfish. >> i do, too. >> and the little crackers. >> oh, ya, careful now. >> no, the little one, i understand. yes, they are good, too. they're really good. what seems like they have a drive-thru for everything these days. you only got food. you got the bang, so for the. >> you do. now, drive-thru for funeral home. here it is at the paradise funeral chapel, in sag now, michigan. as drivers approach the windows, trigger curtains to move back, and reveal the casket. said he wanted to bring something that folks hadn't seen before. >> the funeral industry is changing rapidly. my understands g was to bring something here, you may find people afraid of funeral homes
8:52 am
they can view their loved one from the convenience of their car. >> he said essay wear of critics out there who think this is un dignified way to say good-bye to loved ones, but he says, people should just give it a chance. >> cheheck [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but theyour coverage,n about the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [announcer] call 1-800-farmers and see how much you could save.
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". don't forget for more local news weather and traffic we're
8:54 am
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well, good morning, everyone, i'm natasha brown. more on break cents news we've been following. philadelphia police are investigating deadly shooting sg in home circle overnight. it happened at apartment building on the 2800 block of axe factory road. police say a male resident shot a man that he caught climbing into the window of his apartment. it now appears the victim wasn't an intruder at all, but visiting his girlfriend who would also the apartment owner's daughter. now the eyewitness weather forecast, meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the weather center. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, today will end up being very, very nice day. i know we woke up to damp roads, or just flat out steady rain, in a lot of locations here, but, that wet weather continues to make a very speedy retreat. i got to tell you, i am
8:56 am
looking off camera at the some of the area field cameras, blue sky really starting to dominate. as soon as this rain, that last batch pulls out to sea, becomes more of long island's issue, we ends up with sunshine, mainly clear sky, could easily lever the windows open, be come not recall. fifty-five the expected nighttime low. over time here, next couple every days look nice. friday kind of cool, barely to 70. very october-like in the wake of yet another relatively lackluster cold front that's going to be moving on through. vittoria? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, unfortunately we have an accident situation. if you are traveling on the westbound side of the schuylkill right around vare avenue, inches dent compromising left-hand lane. if you head further westbound, you run into bigger delays. looking at the wide speed censors indicating the schuylkill your average 8 miles per hour, not only around downtown but also within your western suburbs, 168 your average i95, slow down through the construction zones, 14 your average on 476, we are seeing delays on 422 as
8:57 am
well as the westbound side of the pa turnpike, and we still are dealing with us is pension for amtrak, between service washington and philadelphia. well, yes, there you go. >> let's head over toutiesting. >> thank you, so much. that's eyewitness fuse for now, join us for talk philly coming up at noon. coming up at noon. great day just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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♪ >> allen powell reveals the secrets behind his songs. and then...public enemy number one. >> this is a jihadi army. >> they have unleashed brutality across the middle east. >> they say anyone don't become muslim brotherhood, we are going to kill them. >> they will hit us at home. >> jay seculo takes us into the rise of isis on today's "700 club." >> pat: well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of "the 700 club." the world has never seen anything like it. it is the biggest outbreak of this ebola virus we have ever seen. but the experts are saying the brutal epidemic could get far worse, condemning even more people to a hideous death


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